The Best Magnetic Phone Mounts For Cars

Going for a drive usually means keeping your phone active, whether you use it for directions, music, or hands-free calling. The best way to keep your phone within reach and easily visible for directions is a magnetic phone mount. These let you quickly attach your phone while driving. And they're much less cumbersome than mechanical phone mounts. So keep reading and we'll fill you in on the best magnetic phone mounts for cars.

What to Look For

To find the best of the best magnetic mounts, we looked at the following: How does it mount onto the dashboard? How powerful is the magnet? Is the price fair for the quality? And does it have wireless charging? The ESR HaloLock magnetic car mount and charger combines a powerful magnet, wireless charging, and a solid mounting mechanism. If you prefer to keep your view unobstructed, you might want to go for the Wizgear magnetic phone holders, which clip onto your air vents. They get the job done and, more importantly, your phone won’t hamper your visibility. Below, we’ll go into greater detail on each car phone mount, so let’s dive in.

Scosche MagicMount Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Grab and go

This powerful magnetic phone mount lets you quickly snap your phone into position for GPS guidance.
Best Overall

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This phone mount for cars from Scosche is all you need for a quick and simple mounting solution. It’s super affordable and easy to set up. If your phone doesn’t already have a magnetic ring or strip, don’t fret. This kit comes with a small metal adhesive strip for your phone back. It’s thin enough to fit a case over it and provides a solid connection to the phone holder.


  • The adhesive works on textured dashboards
  • Space-efficient low, profile design
  • Works both vertically and horizontally


  • It doesn’t include wireless charging

Ohlpro Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount

No hassle, only power

Charge your wireless devices with this incredible magnetic phone charging mount for cars.
Runner Up

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If you have a modern phone, chances are it has wireless charging. Instead of hooking up a clunky power cable and phone mount, you can kill two birds with one stone: this magnetic, wireless charging dashboard mount. You can clamp it to an air vent or stick it on the dashboard. Hook it up to USB power, and you’re ready for quick mounting and charging in one easy motion.


  • Can charge Airpods and hold them up securely
  • Offers a wide swivel range for positioning your phone
  • Stronger vent mount than standard clip-ons


  • It doesn’t fit well in certain car models’ air vents, such as in the Tesla 3

ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Mount Charger

The future has arrived

This magnetic mount takes advantage of wireless fast-charging phones and makes it easy to mount them quickly.
Best With Fast Charging

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New smartphones can be pretty heavy. That’s why we love this high-powered magnetic mount. It’s perfect for any phone, even if it doesn’t have a magnetic back. This set comes with a thin magnetic strip to attach to your phone. With the strong magnets in this mount, your phone won’t be going anywhere. It’s easy to lock into place securely, but you can also remove it easily enough with a little bit of force. And if your phone has wireless charging, it can even charge while mounted — welcome to the future.


  • Accidental bumps won’t knock your phone down
  • Provides full fast charging with up to 18W of power
  • Can upgrade to a version with a fan for phone cooling


  • It doesn’t include a USB power adapter for cars, so you’d have to provide that separately

Wizgear Magnetic Phone Holder for Car 2 Pack

The quick option

Pop these on your air vent, and you'll immediately have a strong magnetic phone mount at your service.
Best For Air Vent

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Whether you’re a driver or passenger, chances are you’ll want to have your phone handy. This two-pack of magnetic phone holders is just the ticket. It’s perfect for the driver who likes to use their phone for directions and a passenger who might want to watch something during a long drive. These will work with any phone — just stick the adhesive metal strip to the back of your phone, and you’re good to go. These are lightweight and easily removable, so you can swap them between cars if you need to.


  • Super quick setup
  • Fantastic price per unit
  • Works with or without a phone case
  • The small size doesn’t block much airflow when a phone isn’t attached


  • It’s not the strongest magnet out there, so heavy phones with thick cases may not be that secure

Andobil Universal Magnetic Phone Holder for car

Stays where you need it

With a super strong magnet, this phone mount is perfect for larger phones with cases.
Best Magnet Strength

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Fret not on bumpy roads because this magnetic phone holder has immense strength. A phone dropping from its mount is dangerous while driving — we can easily lose focus of the road searching for it on the floor or between the seat. With this incredible phone mount, though, you can rest assured that your phone isn’t going anywhere. Not only is the magnet super powerful, but the actual mounting mechanisms are rock solid, too. You get three options: using the air vent, sticking to the top of the dashboard, and clamping behind the steering wheel above the instrument cluster.


  • It works well in both portrait and landscape mode
  • The air vent mount can be tightened for a secure connection
  • You can use a MagSafe charger in conjunction with this mount


  • The adhesive mounting method might not work great with curved or textured dashboards

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my phone too heavy for a magnetic phone mount?

While phones are indeed mighty large these days, they are usually within the specs of magnetic mounts. The larger the phone, the less stable it will be. So we recommend going with a stronger magnet if you have a heavy phone, especially if it’s using a thicker case as well.

Do I need to have a magnetic phone to work with a magnetic phone mount?

Thankfully, even if you don’t have a phone with a magnetic back, you can still use it with a magnetic mount. Most of these types of dashboard mounts will include a metal strip to apply to your phone. This lets the mount hold your phone tightly. And best of all, you can customize the location of the strip. For example, if you want it held from the bottom, you can.

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